Under the Influence
22 décembre 2018
Under The Influence : The Ted Steele Guide to Wine Drinking
Theo Diamantis
Under The Influence : The Ted Steele Guide to Wine Drinking


It is that time of year when people make lists, so here is mine !

A short guide on when and why to drink wine, by no means exhaustive. Happy holidaze everyone !

  1. 1.
    While deciding how to approach a gorgeous stranger
  2. 2.
    With an immense plateau de fruit de mer
  3. 3.
    While the lamb shank is braising
  4. 4.
    While contemplating the difference between Gravlax and Smoked Salmon
  5. 5.
    Because hockey/baseball/football/basketball sucks
  6. 6.
    While re-writing your fake CV
  7. 7.
    While shucking wild oysters from PEI
  8. 8.
    While practicing a new language with an old friend
  9. 9.
    With a perfectly cooked onglet, à la Richard Olney
  10. 10.
    While building the BBQ pit for your pig roast
  11. 11.
    While marinating the chicken in jerk spices
  12. 12.
    While deciding whether to serve Prosciutto di Parma or Jamón de Pata Negra
  13. 13.
    While simmering Ragù Pugliese
  14. 14.
    While listening to John Coltrane jamming with Miles Davis
  15. 15.
    While watching Pink Floyd in Concert footage on YouTube
  16. 16.
    While reading the liner notes of a Leonard Cohen song
  17. 17.
    While watching the 12th episode of The Wire in a row 
  18. 18.
    While considering what Werner Herzog would do
  19. 19.
    While reading Micheal Ondaatje
  20. 20.
    While watching Zorba the Greek by Michael Cacoyannis on Christmas morning
  21. 21.
    While watching your lover trying on a sexy dress
  22. 22.
    With goosebumps
  23. 23.
    While planning your dream home
  24. 24.
    With a blanket on a stormy beach
  25. 25.
    While in a funky mood
  26. 26.
    With the hottest date ever
  27. 27.
    When there is nothing better to do
  28. 28.
    Because it is the only thing that matters
  29. 29.
    Because, why not?
  30. 30.
    Because you can’t stop thinking of him (her)
  31. 31.
    While the heat wave has you all excited
  32. 32.
    Because it's too cold outside to care
  33. 33.
    With a perfectly seasoned Steak Tartare
  34. 34.
    Because she/he has you drinking heavily again
  35. 35.
    Because it's Monday (or Tuesday)
  36. 36.
    With a new friend, who has never tried the wines of Bruno Schueller
  37. 37.
    While reading The Old Man and the Sea
  38. 38.
    While you choose the ultimate playlist for Saturday night
  39. 39.
    While listening to a reggae compilation recorded between 1979-82
  40. 40.
    While waiting for the weekend to start/end
  41. 41.
    While devising the ultimate menu for him/her
  42. 42.
    Because life is too short
  43. 43.
    Because the park has beautiful trees and green grass
  44. 44.
    Because she has emerald eyes
  45. 45.
    Because  Lou Reed is playing in the background
  46. 46.
    Because Fela Kuti IS THE BEST
  47. 47.
    While watching Klaus Kinski throw a fit on the screen
  48. 48.
    While leafing through Inspiring Thirst by Kermit Lynch
  49. 49.
    While dreaming of her/him
  50. 50.
    Because TED STEELE SAYS SO !

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